The Customs People...



Elke Rödel


Elke Rödel, born in 1994 and working as a customs consultant, has dedicated herself to the development and evaluation of customs policies within organizations. Her expertise in customs compliance enables her to identify and mitigate risks through effective policy and management.

Elke has extensive experience in obtaining and managing AEO certifications and other customs permits, and is skilled in setting up and executing internal control programs.


For Elke, the success of a customs policy depends on both the quality of the policy and the efficiency of the processes and employee training. She is passionate about providing training to convey the nuances that influence the quality of your customs declarations in an accessible manner.

BA from Saxion and MSc from University of Twente.


Richard Krempel

Richard Krempel, born in 1967, is a versatile and experienced customs consultant. He began his career with the Dutch customs, but quickly transitioned to the private sector. There, he gained extensive experience as an operational manager for customs departments.

In the 90s, he collaborated with colleagues to create a customs application. This sparked his interest in linking warehouse management systems to customs software, enabling all processes to be set up in a compliant manner.

Richard has a wealth of experience with software implementations, the operational (re)structuring of a customs department, reassessments (whether or not in the context of AEO), and applications for various types of customs permits.

MEAO (BA) and HEAO (FE). EDZ & Post-EDZ at Customs Knowledge.


Peter Arts

Peter Arts, born in 1982, is an experienced customs consultant specializing in the implementation of Customs Management Systems. He seamlessly integrates these systems with ERP and WMS solutions, automating customs processes.

Peter is skilled in functionally developing solutions, thoroughly testing them, and providing support during their implementation. He conducts training, creates SOPs/WIs, and offers operational guidance. His ability to act as a link between IT and operational departments makes him a valuable asset to your company.

He understands the critical importance of efficient and compliant customs processes. He is committed to their automation, which not only ensures regulatory compliance but also leads to significant savings in time and workload.

Logistics Engineering (B Eng) at NHTV in Breda. EDZ & Post-EDZ at Customs Knowledge.